Falling Into Preparing Your Home for Winter

There’s no avoiding it.  At some point, summer slips into fall.  The change in season also triggers a list of chores for property owners that, while boring, have to be done to ensure protection from winter.

Some items that should be addressed…

  • Clear out the gutters- Make sure gutters are secure and clean, remove leaves and other debris from your drainpipe and gutters to prevent clogging.    This can prevent ice dams from occurring.
  • Attic Insulation- Make sure there is proper insulation in your attic to prevent snow melting on the roof, pouring into the gutter and freezing.
  • Prevent Animal/Critter Entry- Seal entry points to keep small critters from seeking the warmth of the indoors.
  • Ready the Water Heater- Prepare for the cold weather by draining your water heater and clearing any built up debris that has entered into the tank.
  • Check the Heating System- Get your furnace serviced.  Be sure that the vents in your home are not blocked or covered by furniture, carpeting, or curtains.  Dust vents and clean all filters.
  • Clean the Fireplace and Chimney- Have the chimney cleaned by a professional and be sure to have them check the damper to ensure it can be tightly closed to prevent drafts.
  • Store Air Conditioners- If you have the window air conditioners, be sure to unplug them before taking them down.  Dust and clean before covering and storing to ensure they work the next spring.
  • Installing Storm Windows- Uninstall all removable screens, clean and store.  Then replace with storm windows and be sure that all cracks are sealed to prevent drafts.
  • Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors- Be sure to go through and ensure that all detectors are in working order and that batteries are current and do not need to be replaced.

Enjoy these last few weeks of mild temperatures, before you know it the snow will be falling and the holidays will be here.